Pierre Gagnon

President & Associate

Pierre is a great strategist with over 28 years of experience in communications, specialized in research and food services industries. Pierre excels in the art of meticulously elaborating strategies that hit the marks and make a powerful impact every time.

Benoît L’Archevêque

Associate & Co-Founder

With 33 years of experience in traditional and digital communication, Benoit is recognized as an e-commerce expert using artificial intelligence to power large Marketplaces and transactional websites of all sorts. Serial entrepreneur, Benoit has created many successful companies : Generation-Clik (Digital agency), ODE Technologies (Whitelabel Crowdfunding platform), Yoyomolo.com (The only open portal to create Multi-Level Online donation in Canada), Gotroo.com (The first Equity Crowdfunding of Canada), La Reine du Shopping.ca (Fashion and decoration Marketplace & many more). Versatile and visionary, Benoit can put his knowledge to help grow your business.    

Anthony Bryant

Technology VP

Anthony has over 25 years of experience in IT technologies with over a hundred projects delivered. Acutely aware of the challenges in the world of web communications, he has the imagination to come up with new ideas and IT solutions to solve many complex cases.

Stéphanie Carbonneau

Executive Director

Stéphanie has over 12 years of experience in communications and management. Entrusting her with a project is a pledge of faultless work and impeccable customer service, no matter the deadlines and demands. Stéphanie has a Bachelor’s degree in communications and a certificate in advertising.

Gaétan Côté

Print Production & Studio Director

Gaétan is a highly skilled director with over 28 years of experience in advertising production. Organizing the studio for optimal efficiency and seamless production process while rising to the many challenges along the way is Gaétan’s specialty.